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  • Performance efficient transformers for LLC RESONANT supplies
  • Toroidal common mode chokes
  • Flyback transformers
  • Powerline communications transformers for Smart Grid data transfer
  • High precision 50/60Hz split core measuring current transformers
  • SMD shielded power inductors
Mains transformers
EI series safety transformers
UI series safety (low profile)
CT 50/60/400Hz Current measurement
VT 50...400Hz Voltage measurement
LLC resonant power supply transformers
Power ferrite transformers for SMPS-inverters
CT High frequency current measurament
Power line modem transformers (PLC)
Pulse transformers
PFC inductors
Common mode chokes
THD and SMD inductors
Toroidal Inductors
Inductors Design KIT
Signal transformers (for Ex too)
Components for telephone market,
for piezoelectric elements,
for LCD backlights, Lan...

PCB current shunt

New 100W resonant transformers 115W LLC integrated resonant transformers
  • Designed for best performances on LLC power supply
  • Efficiency up to 96% with simplest hardware solutions
  • Continuous power up to 115W
  • Max power up to 350W
  • Extremely compact size (26.4x28.9x16.1mm max)
  • Integrated resonant inductor
  • With or without PFC
AC - DC precision current sensor up to 90A

The new hall effect sensors are a competitive solution with respect to the "DC tolerant" current transformers in uP based equipments and in every application that require a competitive solution, compact and with low temperature drift, from DC to high frequencies...
mev elektronik

Toroidal common mode chokes Toroidal common mode chokes
  • Low-cost, common mode chokes for EMI/EMC main line filters
  • Excellent common mode interference suppression
  • Good differential mode filtering against symmetrical interferences
  • High insulation between windings
  • Excellent power/dimensions ratio
  • RoHS Compliant
3D models download

The 3D files (.stp) of our standard components simplify the design work. Download them directly from the product pages...

resonant transformers WHAT IS A RESONANT CONVERTER?

The resonant switching topology is, to date, one of the most efficient solutions for switch mode power supply design.


Even an optimum design of power units and elevated quality components can leave you with deluding results due to poorly optimised matching of your magnetic components.


We are closely cooperating with IC Manufactures in the development of demo-boards and customized projects.

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